Oh For the love of Pete, we have deep neural nets now. How many fucking technology things (misnamed) for something they absolutely are not can we make try and sound more significant by putting the important sounding but ultimately meaningless signifier word “deep” in front of it. Artificial neural networks are in no way similar to actual neural networks. Of course since we do not really know how actual neural networks work, or even really how to define one, I may be overstepping some when I say they are in no way similar. I suppose there is an outside chance that the model of neuronal activity in the brain any particular artificial neural network design selected to try and mimic is the correct one. However, given the number of competing theories each of which has some valid claim to be right, I put the odds very close to zero.

Sweet, you are using computers programmed with algorithms to analyze input data and output other data. Fucking groundbreaking. It is absolutely nothing at all like we what we have been doing with computers since at least the 1990s but (slightly) faster and programmed with algorithms that use (slightly more) advanced statistical and mathematical techniques.

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