One could also argue that something like astrology is a perfect tool for the task you give it your hypothetical simulated universe precisely because it is so widely derided and ignored by the vast majority of mainstream scientists. What better way to hide something in plain site from the one line of inquiry that might unmask its true nature (scientific reasoning and experimentation) then to disguise it as something that (presumably) cannot or would not be examined by those very methods because it is viewed as a “pseudoscience”?

I am still not sure any of the things said here act as much of a counter to the original “too good to be true” problem but I think I see the angle of attack. It seems to be to grant that the problem is real but only if the simulated universe remains totally undefined and non testable. I agree that once theoretical limitations are put in place as to the purpose, structure, or function of the simulated universe the problem I am struggling with can be made to dissolve mostly or even totally, depending on the nature of the properties ascribed to it. One example is to state up front that the creators of the simulated universe can have no influence on it or in it once the “program” has been started and that they set the initial conditions and maybe even timing of certain events in such a way as to make any and all outcomes totally unpredictable (using astrology say). That said using theoretical properties to dissolve an objection to a hypothetical while useful for thinking about a problem is only as strong as the odds that the possibility of the theoretical properties proposed are the actual properties. As it is currently impossible to calculate those odds this does not seem a strong rejoinder to the objection.

Experimental evidence would of course be a much stronger rebuttal to the objection and could completely dissolve it, again depending on the nature of said data. That data does not seem forthcoming though I am intrigued by the astrology angle and wonder if there is another area of “pseudoscience” that might provide some additional illumination. I am thinking of alchemy at the moment but for no reason I can provide beyond a hunch.

I think I need to take a break from thinking about this issue for a while. Of course I will keep reading anything you write on the topic but I am going to shut my fat pie hole for a bit and give this one a rest for now.

As a massive aside have you ever heard of Next Level Trainings over in Europe? At first I thought them just an expensive scam but I am worried something more nefarious might be emerging, maybe not even intentionally. I have a good friend who has starting exhibiting some very unusual behavior tied directly to her participation in these “leadership trainings” I am probably just being paranoid but it is really bothering me. Have a look at their website.

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