One of my favorite past times is participating in the time honored literary tradition, the astrological beat down. Many great authors got their starts cranking out astro-beats for the rags of early 40’s, and I try to honor their legacy with my own contributions to the genre today. See link below for a classic response to a would be colleague in the space who published an “OK” version of a prototypical format Astro-beater. My response was not exactly Astro-BD Monthly quality but at the very least could probably get published in Sign-Slaughters, if they don’t get many submissions for the quarter, or I sleep with the editor. Not doing it though, sorry, as badly as I need that paycheck I won’t compromise my principles. I do this work because I am an artist. An artist who composes in the medium of fictional astrological sign symbological beatings. Also the medium of Medium.

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