Over 1,300 Stories Published In Just Under Three Years and My Parents Still Have No Idea That I Do This

Should I Tell Them Now and What is the Best Way?

When I first began writing seriously and in volume on Medium close to three years ago I intentionally wanted to keep it a ‘secret’ from everyone I knew, most especially my immediate family. I was still not fully recovered from a serious illness that had left me hospitalized for a month oand almost/did kill me. I also had just lost the love of my life, my longtime best friend and wife of only two short years Victoria (RIP baby I love you and think about you everyday). To say that my life was in shambles is to put it in a most optimistic light. This place was the one and only outlet I had that was completely shielded from everyone. I could say things here that I felt I could not say to my friends and family. At that time every conversation with someone I knew was dreaded. Though of course they all had the best of intentions, such discussions almost always ended badly, usually with both myself and the other party feeling miserable, angry, or embarrassed. On these pages I could speak my mind with any fear of miscommunication or awkwardness. It was the one bright (dim) spot in what was a very dark time in my life.

I slowly began to heal from the physical injuries of my illness and the terrible grief from the loss of my wife and at several points I thought I would stop writing, or at least stop publishing my works here. I had, and continue to have, no aspirations to any sort of writing profession, and truly love my actual job. Many times I asked myself what was the point or berated myself for ‘wasting time’ writing when I had so many other pressing matters I ‘should’ have been attending to. And yet, here I am almost three years later, still writing and publishing on Medium. Over the course of that time I clued in my close friends and then my sister but never my parents. I guess I had sort of assumed they would hear something from somebody and eventually do a Google search or something for my name, but they never have, or if they have they haven’t told me about it. Lately this has really begun to bother me. Will they be angry, surprised, hurt, or maybe it really is no big deal. I want to tell them but I have no idea how. Anybody have any advice? I can’t be the only writer here who has face a similar situation.

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