So Called Biohackers With Diabetes Continue to Fail in Their Attempts to Synthesize Insulin

Little Progress Seen Even as Actual Scientists Join the Effort. To Date Biohackers Success Has Been Limited to Fawning Tech Media Hype

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It’s so easy to make broccoli look tasty in photographs. Yet in real life it continues to be gross. Is there a lesson to be learned? Image by silviarita from Pixabay.

Why is Biology So Much Harder Then Programming Cry Computer Scientists

Data “Scientists” Happy Someone Else Gets to Take Shit About Not Actually Being Scientists for Once

To summarize. So called “biohackers” failed in their attempts to synthesize insulin. Not surprising as computer scientists are typically (though not always) terrible biologists. Actual biologists and real scientists joined the group and have made some progress but still largely failed to synthesize insulin. The above title is a lot more accurate.

I am no fan of the corporate industrial pharmaceutical complex, and what has happened to insulin prices is beyond outrageous. I even applaud the effort to do something about it. That said, the term ‘biohacking’ is so ridiculous, so corny, so fucking stupid, so not helpful, and so so so so very not accurate that I simply cannot take any effort that associates itself with it seriously. Biology needs to distance itself as far from this “field” as possible. Let the computech elite have it. Maybe it will keep the occupied and out of the actual science of biology for a bit longer.

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