So much I have written on this very topic so I won’t belabor the point. It is not just the lack of human “emotions” and “feelings” that have, and will for the foreseeable future, prevent the creation/birth/emergence of AI but a multitude of other factors as well. I don’t buy into the hedge terms ‘weak’ and ‘strong’ when it comes to AI. It is either intelligent (by which myself and the vast majority of ‘normal’ non technical people mean human intelligence. I believe some non human animals have intelligence/are intelligent but the vast majority of people do not agree) or it is not. In my view (and this is not a widely shared opinion) embodiment is also a requirement for intelligence. Specifically embodiment with sensory apparatus. The arguments in favor of this position are long and complicated and I have touched on many of them in other posts. Search my name and AI and you can find tons of articles discussing various aspects of AI but the bottom line is this, at the present moment in time their is not one single actually existing artificially intelligent being/thing/whatever anywhere above on or below the surface of the earth. I do not see that changing in the next fifty years or possibly even 500 years. What is called AI at the moment I call modern computing with algorithms based on advanced (not actually that advanced) statistical and mathematical techniques that are designed to mimic the hypothetico deductive reasoning process used by humans as one aspect of their intelligent behavior. Even if they were perfect at this task (they are not) they still could not be considered intelligent for they would only be capable of one (significant but relatively minor) aspect of human intelligence. And there is no such thing as partial intelligence, one either has it/is it or one does not/is not.

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