Thank you. I am only passingly familiar with his name and work but have come across at least parts of his arguments in other contexts. I gather that he describes an approach that purportedly allows one to untangle the knots that LWs conclusions inevitably lead you too (essentially throwing in the towel on the explanatory power of philosophy). Crucially for me it seems he describes his aims are to bolster and strengthen LWs ideas not tear them down.

I got sucked fully into the quagmire you reference in several recent posts of mine. I regret the way I ended that discussion but sometimes it is a relief to just quit. Totally buy into the outlook of one person you truly admire and see where it leads. I think if you understand that person even a little eventually you will end up exactly where they did though the route will be much different. I must admit it did feel nice but time to look at alternatives. Why not start where you suggest? Game on.

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