Thank you for reading and for commenting. I have been beating this drum on machine learning/AI for so long now it seems like forever. Sometimes it feels the more I rail against it, the more entrenched it becomes. I am glad that it struck a cord with you. Good to know there are some believers in logic and common sense still out there. If you want to get a bit of a chuckle on both topics check out these old posts. A little crude so fair warning if you do not appreciate that type of humor.

I have written tons and tons here about both topics and all other aspects of them from artificial neural networks to deep learning to predictive analytics and on and on. Just search my name if you want to find more.

Thx again and you are a lucky man, never forget that. My wife of 2 short years passed away only 2 years ago. I would give anything to have those 44 more you have had. Best wishes for 46 more.

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