Thanks for the response. To be clear, it is a hypothesis not a theory. As it is currently impossible to test in any known way at present it has no chance of becoming a theory. That said I agree it is most unhelpful to those two questions unless your answers are; we must do whatever the source code programmed us to do + quantum randomness, and we can hope that said quantum randomness runs in our favor and not against.

In my view any philosophy which contains the word “real” is inherently incompatible with the simulation hypothesis as it is based on the idea that nothing is real. That only applies to SH1 universes of course in which everything including ourselves are simulations. Other variations might be compatible. In any case it is interesting to think about and if I ever get a chance to ask a speculative realist in person I shall be sure to ask. lol!

Thanks for exposing me to a philosophical position I had not heard much about. I intend to do a bunch more reading on the subject thanks to your article on the topic.

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