“Come on CJ. You know this stuff. I can’t even read what you wrote here. The letters are all smushed together. Please go do it again.” CJ’s mom gasped in frustration. He was a smart kid. Everyone knew it, especially his mother. Why then was he struggling so badly in school. CJ cowered at his mom’s admonishments. He was trying so hard, wanted nothing more than to please his mom and dad. For some reason though the words just would not come. Sometimes the letters looked like little aliens to him. They looked like little Sith Lords.

CJ loved Star Wars. Like his dad he was obsessed. He dreamed of Jedi and Sith and the force. “If I had the force I could make the words obey me. I would always understand. Always be right” he thought. “It is the Sith who are holding me back. Keeping me from true understanding.”

One day he met a man. The man was a stranger but an old friend of his mother. This man lied to him. He said he had fought the Sith, had been injured in battle with them. He even had a scar to prove it. CJ was fascinated by the man’s tale, for a while he even believed it. He thought to himself that if this man could fight and defeat the Sith perhaps he could too. The man told him many things. Spun grand tales of his never ending wars with the evil Sith Lords. Yet the man was himself a Sith master. He used his mastery of words and lies for evil purposes. His intent was always to recruit CJ to the dark side.

Within CJ the force was strong. His mother and his father had unknowingly passed on this trait to him. The man, the Sith Lord knew this, he tried to use it against him but he resisted. Ultimately it was his mother who saved him. She was attracted to the Sith, even tried to turn him to the side of light. In the end she failed but it was her example that saved her son.

Later in life the Jedi master known only as CJ would say that his mom saved him but a Sith made him who he was. Even the great master Yoda never truly understood but at the end of his life it is said he remarked “CJ is strong with the force, great things he will do.”

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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