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My cat Teebee as a kitten in an actual bin. Not the kitten from the story.

I had a really bad dream last night. I was running a rescue shelter for cats and was keeping them in bins until I could find them new homes. There was one bin at the bottom that I forgot about for some reason. After like a week I finally remembered and in horror frantically dug it out and opened it. A tiny baby kitten was inside, barely alive, it had been there the entire time, trapped all alone in that bin with no food or water. It mewed at me pitifully and looked at me. Looked right into my eyes. Then I woke up. I was crying and shaking. How could I have forgotten about that little helpless thing? It continues to torment me. I know it was only a dream but I just don’t understand its’ purpose, what it meant. That poor thing. Why would I have forgotten?

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