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An example of what the man never did. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay. Pixabay, Its not really a bay and there are no pixies.

There did once live a man who never fell. When I say he never fell I do not mean that in a metaphorical sense, as in never failed or screwed up. He definitely did plenty of that, but he never actually fell, as in he never once fell down physically so that both his knees and both his hands touched the ground against his will. Perhaps you suspect that this man must have been wheelchair bound his entire life or maybe he was a super star athlete with incredible balance. Actually he had no physical handicaps to speak of, nor did he have any great physical abilities. He was in fact very average in all respects physically including in the looks department which (partly) explains why he only married once and it lasted only two years. Mentally he was much the same, average. Not too smart but not exactly dumb either. He lived for 82 years in various location around the United States and even spent 1 year ‘living’ abroad after he graduated from college with his degree in sociology. Remember what I said about him not being too smart. He worked four different full time (forty hour per week) jobs over the course of his career until he retired at age sixty two and a half. None were particularly interesting, or made him very much money, but none were terrible either. It would be fair to say that much like everything else in the mans life they were average. In any case this man who was average in every way that matters was well, well above average in one unusual area. He never once fell down. Not one time in his entire average life from when he first mastered how to walk at age three until the day he died. In case you were wondering he died in his sleep, laying down, of a heart attack, so he did not even fall then. It is believed that this man was the only man or woman in the history of the human race to have accomplished this particular feat, and most experts predict there will never be another.

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