The Plan Part 2 The role of Law Enforcement and the Military

Notes/writings secured from civilian location alpha tango 1. Author believed to be Mr. xxxx-xxx. Contains details from The Plan Sections 3–6. Destroy after reading. Duplication or theft of any part of this document is grounds for summary execution without trial. Authorization zulu zulu charlie 16–12/4.

From its earliest beginning the architects of the plan realized their project would ultimately fail if law enforcement and the military of the United States stood against them when the race war began. The majority of their earliest documents describe options and ideas for dealing with this major potential obstacle. While, on the one hand, law enforcement and the military were viewed as a problem, on the other, there was recognition of how powerful an ally one or both of these groups could be. One tenet of the plan on which all agreed was that an active and ongoing effort to subvert the military and/or law enforcement to the cause was an absolute imperative if there were to be any hope of success.

Of course they realized the impossibility of an overt takeover of either institution. They were simply too large and too diverse for any such simple approach to have any chance. They quickly settled on an alternate strategy. They knew that what an army most needs to survive and thrive is an enemy. The military was clearly an army but so too was law enforcement, or it could be, if properly motivated, equipped, and trained. An entire subdirectorate within the Plan’s labyrinth hierarchy of divisions was tasked with the goal of militarizing law enforcement to the greatest extent possible.(Note: refer to Plan sect 16, subsection 3a for details on sub-directorate 6)

As to the enemy, this was apparently a rather easy decision. The Plan already knew who the enemy was (all the non white races) so it made perfect sense to try and align the Plan’s enemies directly with military/law enforcement to the greatest extent possible. Of course they knew that large segments of the military were African American or of other impure races and they correctly predicted that trend to accelerate in the future. In retrospect it made perfect sense. The more successful the Plan was the fewer and fewer would become other job opportunities for non whites. The general education level reductions predicted by the Plan would, over time, leave very few careers options left for the non white races. As much as it must have pained them to admit this they were to clever to ignore reality even when it directly clashed with their perverted world view. Given these facts it would not be possible the Plan’s authors surmised to make a direct enemy of the non white. Another enemy had to be identified or in this case created.

How does one go about manufacturing an enemy? When put so bluntly in that manner it seems a rather imposing task. The Plan did not think of the problem at such a large scale, in such general terms. It simply asked what the role of each institution was. Then, once identified set about creating certain classes of persons whose existence was precisely fit to satisfy that role. In role of law enforcement was viewed quite simplistically and correctly as enforcement of laws. What do enforcers of the law require to thrive? They need breakers of the law. They need criminals. But how would it be possible to criminalize being non white? For the architects of the plan it was not a difficult question at all. One did not need to criminalize an entire race per se if said race or races could be grouped by specific behaviors. These behaviors could then be criminalized resulting in the same end goal. From that point it was a relatively simple matter to design a program based on the creation and introduction of highly additictive substances into certain targeted communities. If these substances were actually physically and mentally harmful to the users all the better, but harm was not the goal. Perfectly benign substances could be just as effective. The only requirement would be that the possession and/or use of such substances was illegal. Moreover there should be a strong moral component to the use of said substances such that users would be viewed as sinners or morally repugnant/weak. Thus began a thirty year span of unbridled chemical manipulation the likes of which the world had never seen. It continues to this day with the introduction of synthetic “designer” drugs.

Note to reader: The document ends at this point. It is unclear why or what happened to the remaining fifteen pages (as indicated in outline).

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