Thinking About Nash’s Equilibrium

Can It Help With My AI Build?

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The dilemma. Could this be the key to AI?

It seems as if Nash’s equilibrium or more precisely various forms of Nash’s equilibria only apply to rationale, intelligent, (things?) capable of making decisions individually or collectively and participating in non co-operative games. Therefore if any (thing?) is proven to be in a game in which Nash’s equilibrium applies it must be rationale and intelligent. We are able to calculate the reality of Nash’s equilibrium in any game using experimental economic methods. Therefore we should be able to calculate if a posited AI in a game with an intelligent human is truly intelligent by proving the reality or not of Nash’s equilibrium in that game.

It may not help us build an AI but it could be very useful in allowing us to determine if what have have built is the real deal or not. It may even allow us to test variations of our AI build to “optimize” for intelligence through an iterative process of gaming vs intelligent persons, refine build, evaluate proof of Nash’s equilibrium, refine based on results, build, game, repeat until proof is satisfied. Obviously many other people have thought along similar lines and so read on…

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