This is incorrect and one of the biggest mistakes people make in agenda writing. It is not about streamlined or too many items it is about clarity of items and detail. A well crafted agenda should also serve as the basis for meeting minutes and, in my opinion, should have as much detail as possible. The ideal agenda for myself is one that is so detailed you can miss the meeting and still have a very good understanding of what was discussed. A highly detailed agenda also makes the sometime arduous task of following up with meeting minutes/notes a heck of a lot easier. Circulating minutes/notes following the meeting is something that absolutely, positively has to happen for every single meeting and is the area where most people slip and get lazy. The minutes should cover what was discussed/decided at a high level and most importantly contain a listing of any action items with associated due dates and person(s) responsible clearly listed. Bottom line is that running a meeting properly takes a serious investment of time both before, during, and after it happens. The nice thing about doing it right is that when people realize just how much work is involved there is an automatic drop in the number of meetings and superfluous ones disappear very quickly.

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