This is Really the (Nano)Degree I Have Been Waiting for My Whole Life

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It turns out I might have jumped the gun just a tad with an earlier post in which I proclaimed loudly that the degree I had waiting for my entire life had finally arrived. Machine learning, wtf was I thinking? That shit is so last week. The true (nano)degree of the future is here, the artificial intelligence nanodegree program. I know what your thinking “but Dan isn’t AI just a little bit overhyped, haven’t claims of the existence of AI been debunked over and over and over again for the past almost decade now, doesn’t the fact that putting one word between the words artificial and intelligence (emotional) change your entire thinking about if such a thing is even possible, isn’t Elon Musk and asshole, and Stephen Hawking I mean come on man shouldn’t he know better, and do you remember that movie AI, it was directed by Stephen Spielberg I think or maybe it was George Lucas, remember that movie, because I never saw it. Was it any good?”

Well fuck you person thinking those things because I do not give a flying turd. Employers eat this shit up and I need a j-o-b job. Sure I might have that machine learning nanodegree hanging in my bedroom in my parents basement but it may as well be a paper weight at this point. Technology moves so fast these days what with the internet and machine learning and all. Employers do not want to see yet another machine learning nanodegree holder waste their time when everybody knows its time is done. AI is here and its queer so get used to it. So sign me up UDACITY, I predict big things for the field of artificial intelligence and big things require big people with big brains and fat wallets or credit cards, lots of those, and/or rich parents, those also help. AI engineer me Scotty!

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