Dream of red dragons

Who breathe fire

And blue dragons who breath lightning

And white dragons who breath ice

And black dragons who breath acid

And hold dragons who breath wind

Gold Ansilver dragons who breath molten silver

And green dragons who breathe chlorine gas

The black red and blue dragons are evil and serve the dark dragon goddess Takhisis. She is opposed by the good metallic dragons who serve the God of Justice paladin. The remaining dragons are neutral and serve the god of the scales Gilean and his brother Lunitari

When dragons first allowed men to saddle them and ride atop them it was Gilean who prevented the evil dragons from slaying their human riders the second they mounted. The good dragons were far from enthusiastic about this arrangement as well but Palidine persuaded them to allow it. Eventually even the evil dragons came to appreciate their human “masters” though the use of that term in their presence was known to result in many swift deaths by acid and. ingestion. As you might expect evil dragons attracted riders from the most evil of Menn and women. Other races of evil such as orcs and some trolls also became accomplished dragonriders but the must intelligent, cunning, vicious, and cruel of the evil dragons greatly preferred human riders. In fact human women were the most preferred by far among the greatest of the evil dragons. The good dragons were much less discriminating in their choice of riders. Their intelligence made them cocky and while they tolerated riders at the behest of Paladine’s orders it was rare to see any real bond of friendship form between the dragons and their mounts. In contrast, and perhaps surprisingly, the evil dragons and their riders often formed strong relationships. Once again it was human women who seemed the most at ease among the evil dragons they ride atop and fought beside. True friendship between beings of evil is sometimes said to be impossible. The cruelest of women warriors and the evil dragons of the second age put the lie to that oft repeated adage.

At the end of the second age a woman of great evil rose to power in the south. Her name was jeilssicua of Taumpua. Born in the cold cruel wastelands of the North she rose to power quickly in her fathers royal family mostly by killing any siblings who might pose a threat to her expected position as head of the family after the death of her father. Typically the oldest male offspring would inherit that role by right but his incompetence was so well known that his farther refused to even consider that possibility. Matthius was happy to be left out of the political machinations of his family. He much preferred spending time with his many lovers. The fact that his lovers were all pretty young men of less then than 16 irritated his father and mother to no end but their irritation pleased him equally.

Jeils, as most called her, split her time equally among male and female lovers. None were weaklings though and those who failed to please her could expect a knife across the throat as surely as those who did bring her pleasure found her quite generous as a lover and friend.

Of her evil nature though there could be no doubt. From the age of five her father brought her to the dungeons below Castle Blume to witness the cruelest of torture. Men, women, even children, were put to the question and subjected to sufferings few had ever imagined let alone observed at such a tender young age. If Jeilssicua cried or even flinched she was beaten cruelly and the poor victims of torture subjected to even more brutal and in humane atrocities. Eventually she learned to wall off that part of herself. Empathy, kindness, compassion, these emotions she could certainly fake when the occasion required it but inside she was as cold as the breath of the white dragons of the north. Perhaps that is why she gravitated to,the whites when the time of her dragon mount choosing finally arrived.

Only the white dragons occupied the cold northern territories far beyond the borders of her fathers current kingdom. King Blume dreamed of one day laying claim to those lands but the combination of brutal weather conditions, frost Giants, and the many barbarian tribes that called those steppes and gorges home would make any attempt to take them by force an expensive undertaking. Many good men would die and for what. A barren wasteland where virtually nothing grew and temperatures were known to drop so quickly when night fell that men had been said to die from inhalation of air so cold lungs literally froze, cracked, and fell to pieces in the chests of still living men, suffocating them instantly where they stood.

On the day of the choosing Jeils was excited but anxious at the same time. Her sleep the night before had been fitful. If only her betrothed had not stopped by to wish her well the following day. She was exhausted and satisfied after an extended session of vigorous lovemaking with one of her favorite chambermaids. Prince Jaimie new what his betrothed had been up to the moment he saw her. Her cheeks glowed red and she still drew heavy breaths. Sweat gleaned off her brow. Jealousy seized him as it often did and he lashed out. “What do you see in this young slut my princess.” The way he emphasized “my” made his view of their relationship quite clear. The prince had little time or value for lovemaking. He viewed the act of sex as he viewed most things, a way to exercise power over another and as a means. to an end. In this case a way to produce an heir to the throne. Pleasure, love, these things meant nothing to him.

The rest. This is only the first three pages of chapter 1 of the first book with a planned 30–40 chapters ~400pgs. And it’s a trilogy. This work was originally published in a series of text messages to various friends. Yes it does borrow mythology liberally from the Dragonlance series.

Written by

Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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