Normally I can pretty much nod my head in some semblance of agreement with your arguments. Though I disagree in large part with the severity of the problems you point out (2–4 times/day on average) I typically mostly understand and concur with the premises upon which you base your conclusions. However, on this topic I very much disagree. Since you provide no statistics or poll results or anything to back up your contention that Americans “revere the rich”, it is difficult to determine exactly where you arose at this notion. This also of course makes it all the more difficult to refute. Clearly you believe it to be true that “Americans revere the rich” or you would not have written an article with that as the title, and based on the contents of said article you believe it very strongly. Of course, as I always point out, the strength of one’s belief in a particular thing often correlates inversely with the correctness of that belief. A warning sign of this condition is when no data is presented to back up the belief in question as is the case with this post. I have seen polls that suggest a majority of American’s “admire” the rich and believe wealth to be an indicator of many positive things upon a person. While I question the legitimacy of most of those I think in general it is true that at least among a certain (small) subset of the American population there is a general feeling that rich people got that way because they are “better” in some way then those who are not rich. However, that small subset is not representative of Americans as a whole.

All that said I do believe that many American’s desire to be rich or at least well off, but this desire has nothing to do with any reverence or love or passion for the condition of wealth. Instead it represents a well understood desire for safety and security and stability for themselves and their families. In the America in which they currently find themselves the only way to achieve these things is through wealth accumulation and thus that is what they strive for.


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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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