Wait a second. I am so freakin confused. Why are you telling data scientists how to be scientists? Aren’t they already scientists? I mean it’s right there in that stupid name, data science. At first I was feeling good, maybe it is finally sinking in? Maybe, at least some of them are realizing they are not scientists? And this is the article that will finally convince me once and for all that data (insert whatever) is back on the fast track to the stars and what not. Then I stumbled on the little gem highlighted above. First, I did not realize doing research was now considered “indulging in academic vanity.” I’ll be sure to let my colleagues know. Second, I highly doubt that. One cannot generate “amazing pieces of scientific knowledge” only using pieces, or in most cases with data science one (or two) pieces, of the scientific method. Then my jaw hit the floor when I realized you actually had to tell these data scientists that their work needs to be reproducible. Moreover, it had to be recorded in a (gasp) notebook! Next you should tell them how to prepare a manuscript for publication in a peer reviewed journal. Oh, wait that would be indulging in academic vanity I guess? Why would any actual scientist want to work with a data scientist when first of all, they can do the exact same data analytics themselves, and second the data scientist knows next to nothing about science or the scientific method, and third they consider doing research indulging in academic vanity. I’m no academic researcher. I have been in R&D in industry roles my entire career. I get it that it’s fun to poke at our ivory tower egghead colleagues but I’m allowed to do that. I have what they call street cred. But you might want to lay off the cheap shots (pot calling the kettle black I realize) because if you all really do want to be scientists you are going to have to learn to play nice with all actual scientists, including tenured Professor Jones who calls what you call academic vanity, his job.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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