Well said Dan. I am so tired of having to state that obvious fact of the matter over and over again, AI does not exist and it may never. 1970s mustachioed porn star Elon Musk is most definitely wrong on this topic.

Also can we please retire the term “machine learning?” Machines can’t learn for F?#!ks sake! The very definitions of the words that make up the term forbid it. We don’t even know how people “learn.” Certainly we have theories of the brain and neurological function and memory and learning but none are without controversy or alternatives. To suggest that a machine can do something, something we humans can do (and no the purveyors of machine learning are not talking about “lower” level learning as is seen in non human animals, and insects, etc., they are talking about human like higher learning), something which we do not even come close to fully understanding, is just plain ludicrous and the height of hubris.

Dammit, now I’m all pissed off about this again. Don’t even get me started on artificial neural networks, data “science”, big data, and predictive analytics, we’d be here all night, lol!

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