Well said Mike. How I quit Facebook fits neatly in the “how I quit (X) porn” genre where X is a thing many (preferably rich white) people use and like. Interestingly the HIQxP genre is as tired and cliche as the use of the term ‘porn’ is for something that many people use and like. The dreaded ‘best thing since sliced bread’ ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ double whammy of cliche. It is so cliche as to make ‘a dark and stormy night’ a contender for ‘original phrase of the year’ by comparison. Did I mention how cliche it was yet? How many more years/decades will we be forced to suffer through endless think piece after think piece about how great/terrible/meh it was when regular joe/C-list celebrity/professional blowhard employed as a technology beat writer/stay at home mom/data ‘scientist” decided to quit Facebook? The trope is more tired then Rip Van Winkle at this point, and see my points vis a vis its clicheness above for more.

I love your discussion of the Hype Cycle as well. Of course it’s not science or a chart that can be used to make predictions but to suggest that makes it useless as a model completely misses the mark, exactly as you point out in the piece. What I find so interesting about it is that no matter how well known and thoroughly discussed and analyzed it is we (technology I am looking at you) fall into the same trap over and over and over again. We say “This time will be different” or “Our product/service isn’t like everything else that came before it” or “That doesn’t apply to us because we…..”, etc. And of course, as you also point out, we (everybody else I am looking at you) fall for it over and over and over again too, thinking the exact same thing to ourselves every time a new technology/gadget/service comes along. I can understand your annoyance with that sad fact from a betterment of humanity, I mean come on people perspective, but from a looking for something to write about what’s wrong with you people perspective I find it endlessly entertaining. What I find most interesting are the questions it makes you ask about us as people. e.g. why are we so stupid? How could we fall for this again? How come I can see this from a mile away (cliche of the year contender), but everyone else seems blind to it?, etc.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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