Whenever I see the words “as psychologists put it/say/believe/think…” I immediately prepare to be amazed as their abilities to be wrong using terrible (pseudo)science are nearly unmatched in our modern world. Perhaps only neuroscientists can go toe to toe with them in this regard. I also disagree that IQ is a “form” of intelligence. If it were many modern computers would be considered intelligent as they can do quite well on many of these tests. Oh wait, they are considered intelligent, at least by the majority it seems. However, they are not, nor are they a “form” of intelligence. They are modern computers, computing as they always have only faster and programmed with more clever mathematical and statistical techniques.

IQ is not a measure of intelligence but rather a measure of one’s ability to do well on IQ tests. This may correlate with certain things, including perhaps, success in life, or probability of becoming a psychologist or neuroscientist, but it is not a measure of intelligence, if such a thing were/is even possible. Is it possible to ‘measure’ intelligence? It might be, if we could ever come to agreement about what exactly ‘it’ is. It is extremely difficult, some would say impossible, to measure a thing that is not known. Measuring a “form” of a thing that is not known, is an even murkier proposition then measuring the thing itself for the definition of “form” is almost, but not quite, as murky as the definition of “deep” when used in front of some technology term of art. At least form has some historical and philosophical provenance. All deep has is an ice cube rap lyric about putting someone’s ass to sleep.

deep, so deep, so deep…lol!

Great post again btw! I don’t have anything intelligent to add about the actual topic of discussion. I’d much rather blather on and on about barely relevant minutiae. It’s sort of my thing. hah.

Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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