Why do I see a trainwreck on the horizon?

I hate to do it, but I just have to, the oh so cliche recipe article. Oh well, I can’t help myself.

Recipe for confusion pie (clever name right?)

1 cup genetic unit of heredity — preferably DNA but RNA can be substituted in a pinch

1 cup brain — biological. Artificial may NOT be used. This recipe requires actual intelligence not the fake kind that really isn’t what it says it is. Don’t cheap out on this step or your pie will not bake right.

1 tbsp. general public — the non-scientific, lay public variety. Try to get the kind that went to college but studied economics or finance. Want them smart but smart in an area that has nothing to do with biology. The more convinced they are of their correctness, the softer will be the pie.

1 tsp. ignorant and lazy press and blogosphere — absolutely critical that this is fresh. Luckily this one is super easy to find.

4 oz. — medical doctors and “scientists” looking to make a quick buck. Look for the kind who publish books with titles like “The DNA Diet: Gene-ius Nutrition and Fitness” or “Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food.” Don’t worry there are hundreds to choose from and all are equally delicious in this pie.

4oz. — neuro”scientists” and computer scientists who should know better. Look for neuroscientists who specialize in brain scans. The more articles and stories in which they are featured with titles like “Neuroscientists locate justice in the brain using brain scans” the better. Any computer scientist will do.

Add a dash of DNA determinism and just a pinch of machine learning.

Stir ingredients and simmer until the hype rises to the surface. You’ll know its ready when you see the DNA begin to polymerize. Bake at 450F for however long you feel like. This pie cannot be overdone.

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