Why Does the DEA Want Your Medical Records ?

Hi Dan! Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I apologize that it happened/is happening in this manner. I have hacked your Medium account by specific request of an unknown stranger or strangers. It was made clear that any delay or deviation from the specifics of the request were grounds for summary execution of me and deportation and loss of citizenship for all immediate and extended family that are current US citizens or reside in the US on charges of dereliction of duty to the homeland or something to that effect. All of their US based financial assets and material holdings will be seized and forfeited. The manner in which the statement was delivered suggested to me a high probability that he had the necessary authority and power to follow through on his threats. Of course he may just been a hired goon or paid actor. This all happened only about 45 minutes ago.

I am posting to your page a heavily edited transcript of a text message obtained from a smart phone I conveniently “found” very near a place I visit almost every day at almost always the same time. I now believe it was a plant and I was meant to find it. I happen to possess the right technical tools and experience that I was able to hack the phone as requested and transfer the relevant text to your page here. Note to anyone trying to backtrace me. Not gonna get you anywhere.

The phone was powered on when I found it but all the default basic tracking options available and known to your average consumer were disabled. I also am personally aware of three other tracking vulnerabilities and/or deliberate law enforcement backdoors that a pro would disable if he really wanted to be thorough. These had not been disabled or modified in any obvious manner. Mr. death threat did not specifically request or forbid any of the actions I took regarding tracking features. He did not explicitly forbid me from doing anything. All of his instructions were actions I needed to take and precise specifications for where and how I needed to take those actions.

The next few things are all me, no one instructed or prompted or threatened me in any way. The circumstances surrounding this entire situation all point to the possible critical nature of the information within it and the high value of that information. After I read through the complete text though I am not so sure. I did not see anything in the material that anyone would be prepared to kill or die for. There are certainly a number of embarrassing, potentially criminal activities described but hardly end of world, death of country type shit. Certainly nothing to merit a death threat to me and deportation of my entire family.

Out of an abundance of caution I have taken many precautions with regards to the final form I publish here. The original is a back and forth conversation between two persons. I have removed all of the reply messages from this second interlocutor. Moreover I have removed all page breaks or other textual cues. The one sided conversation is just presented as a series of sentences strung together. If the content seems choppy it is mostly due to those major edits. I have thoroughly scrubbed the document of any and all names, locations, descriptions of situations, etc. that could possibly be used to deduce the identity of any of the principle entities, government agencies, private companies, foreign governments, or specific persons mentioned in the text. There is one major exception, the only exception in fact. I have retained all references to the federal DEA. I am willing to risk the possible consequences of this decision. Given the DEAs central role in many aspects of the conspiracy a coherent argument in support of the reality of the accusations totally falls apart if they role purported to them is not real. Specific powers granted the DEA along with very detailed descriptions of plans to abuse those powers form the linchpin of much of the rest of the case.

Of course it must be obvious that none of the facts, details, identities of which local and federal agencies might have been/may still be involved have been confirmed. This includes the DEA. I stated my reasons for singling them out for inclusion but it is not to be read as an implication of guilt or involvement. I could best some up by saying the truth or falsity of none of the content has been established. This could be someone’s idea of a sick practical joke, a totally made up series of wild conspiracy theories, a CIA/NSA test of how the country responds, or any other wild scenario someone might dream up. If nothing else it has been an exciting past two hours for me.

My apologies again for the hack Dan! I have given you back full access and control. As an added bonus on my way out I closed a couple security vulnerabilities I found and exploited earlier. You might be asking yoursef why you were selected. My instructions were to randomly select any Medium user who consistently trends in the bottom 1% in both followers and reads. Im not a medium user myself so no idea what that means but does not sound good. Sorry.

begin txt — I think they would say that they need to know what is in your system or they might actually cause serious harm or death if they prescribe something that is not compatible. That’s why they always ask you for a urine sample as soon as you are able. It’s the very first test they do. And there reply is actually bullshit. Especially in a modern hospital setting. Dangerous Interactions of street drugs and pharmaceuticals are extremely rare. Aside from their rarity all hospital doctors are trained to incompatibles and their Symptoms. They also have other drugs to stop the danger virtually immediately. For almost every possible combination(s ) conceivable for incompatibles they have a drug to counteract it. So it is clear their reply does not hold up to close scrutiny especially as it relates to the modern hospital. What are the Actual reasons for still drug testing every single patient who comes through the ER? Three main reasons: it is way cheaper and you get results much faster with a urine screen then when keeping the needed meds in stock at all time. Secondly, I believe, but I have no evidence, that the DEA put some serious pressure on all hospital CEOs to continue the test. Finally a total conjecture but why would the DEA care what test methodology and protocols any given hospital was using. Any patient medical record falls under HIPA privacy which explicitly states that no patient data can be shared with any state or federal government agency. that are tasked with any law enforcement duties. That provision was included to protect against a totally justified fear that the data could be used for significant abuses of power or extra lawful activities such as racial/ethnic profiling, genetic discrimination, and many many others. Anyway no way DEA could get the data. Why would they care? Turns out there is an exemption in the HIPA provision that basically says they are allowed to get data directly relevant to ongoing, active investigations. The definition of an active investigation is extremely vague. Any one arrested or pulled over for a traffic ticket might be declared an active investigation until the day of final adjudication. For persons sentenced to jail for very long terms their data can be shareable for almost their entire lives. their entire lives. Sorry got off topic a bit there. What does that have to do with hospital urine screens? Turns out their is no presumption of innocence as regards the results of diagnostic tests. The result of the test must be specifically shown to be wrong or some gross protocol violation in order to invalidate the data. In practice this is nearly impossible to do. If the presumption of innocence were applied to this data nearly any diagnostic test result could be challenged in court and lawyers might actually win some cases as the evidentiary requirements are much less stringent. Wth the current system their is a strong bias toward acceptance of diagnostic test results as correct as the default position. If you follow the logic train here it’s not much of a leap from accurate result bias, no presumption of innocence protections which triggers much higher evidentiary requirements. Therefore one could argue since their is no presumption of innocence any positive drug screen result could be considered an “active investigation of a crime” The crime of using illegal drugs. Since no innocence preemption no trial needed as you are guilty no matter what evidence you might muster to question the accuracy of the results. In the worst case interpretation I could see leaving an open case for any drug screen positive. In this scenario anyone who ever had a positive drug screen result in an ER may lose HIPA protections over all their hospital records for the rest of their lives. Interestingly by my interpretation negative results could not be shared since no active investigation is initiated. So that’s really bad. Here is the slightly less creepy but still very high potential for abuse thing the DEA might do with the data. Simply compile it in a database and use for statistical analysis on drug use in the US across a huge number of variables, by season, by race (potentially very problematic) but if patient samples are blind coded and the keys are essentially impossible to hack or lose in any way. I still don’t like it but probably not a civil rights violation. If they are collecting the data I truly hope it is being used in the much less scary database scenario with the appropriate data protections. I am really groggy and sleep deprived right now too. In this tired state I am particularly susceptible to seeing conspiracies and connections that are not supported by the facts. It was fun trying to imagine the different scenarios for how the data could be abused. I didn’t even talk about the potential for abuse of that data in the private sector. No provision in HIPA specifically requiring that HIPA rules must apply for the private sector so no stretching of the rules needed to access it. Any company can write up a proposal describing why they want the patient data, how the data will be handled. How it will be deleted and blind coded among many, many, other requirements. Feds signs off. They almost always do and within a couple days you get access to the relevant data sets requested or sometimes they will send hard copies of the raw patient results. That is really frightening. It does get special protections but these amount to essentially just check to ensure data is blind coded with no other patient data. Of course there always some exemptions depending on study designs but these always get very closely looked at by a team of high ranking career senior scientists and a team of lawyers. They will rarely approve an exemption because they are all super smart an can probably easily imagine scenarios. Whereby study data associated with some patient data end up in the hands of bad actors. Now my scariest scenario is a real stretch but totally doable right now within the existing legal framework. Say I want to start up a company. Let’s call it data sleuth. The idea of the venture is to get its hands on all the patient data and associated raw diagnostic test results in the imagined DEA database then sort and sell that data to,local,law enforcement all around the country. Of course that data could be used by the local departments in totally legit ways with tons of civil rights, discrimination provisions fully complied with. Data sleuth made a killing with this business model but they have now essentially sent all database data sets to all local law enforcement agencies and their revenue and profits slip. They come up with a new strategy to move the data in to new markets. Initially they looked at companies who want additional, historical drug screen results for screening out potential job candidates. I,don’t know how far back this data goes but I think it was at least fifteen years. Imagine for failing a drug screen fifteen years ago that you lose out on a sweet new job today. They are looking at car insurance market. They could charge higher rates to customers who had any positive drug screen result in the past fifteen years . There is a ton of data on prevalence and relevance of illegal drugs involved in or directly responsible for the accident. All insurance company needs to do to justify charging high rates without running afoul of federal law is prove a statistically significant factor. The factor can be almost anything. It cannot be Race, color, religious affiliation and a ton of other protections with a bunch of protections of. to be statistically significant.in a certain subset of automobile accidents resulting in insurance claims. So in the example of the drug screen data now every single person n the US who had a positive drug screen in the past fifteen years may see their rates increase. FYI the company does not have to release details of the factor associated, how it was chosen, nothing and one can easily imagine client service roles fully prepared with scripts to deal with situations like those to the public or even their customers. As a customer of the insurance firm you are entitled to a justification for increase that is really has no detail at all. You are also entitled to request all the study details and they must comply with some notable exceptions of course. From the complete study details one can typically figure out what the factor associated was. But how many ordinary citizens would be willing to go through all of those steps just to try and contest a car insurance rate increase. All this effectively impedes or at least slows any legal or news media from accessing the data as well. Life insurance rates also go up bc your insurance company does a statistical study on the relationship of dying at much younger ages with drug use. You may even be completely rejected for any life insurance plan. Your company associates prisoners with drug users. Prisoners as a population have much younger average death ages because of the high number of fights that result in in a fatality among among the youngest in the population. So the data is seriously skewed. — end text

Amended 01/24….and so it begins.

I have just received a strange text message as I was preparing to publish. It said “much more damming material to come. The Plan must be stopped” I tried to screenshot it but it self deleted.


p.s. Thanks for not locking me out or fucking up any of posts whoever you are. Weird that Mr. Death Threat insructed you to post to any random ultra low traffic page. Clearly you have chosen well. Maybe twenty people will see this in the next five years. Hope. Hope!

Disclaimer: The contents of this post are a complete work of fiction. It represents a mix of mostly true facts, important sounding government regulatory powers that they may or may not have, Wild speculation, and hypothetical abuses of power that probably could never actually happen. Add in some conspiracy theory and a mysterious source document. Finally close with teaser for more information aka the sequel. It is nothing more than your typical cliche spy movie blockbuster plot with zero action. I guess there was a death threat.

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