Why won’t professor Floridi go all the way and just say it? It is not in any sense of the word smart, nor is it in any sense of the word intelligent, so why are we even having this conversation? There is no such thing as AI. As I have been saying over and over and over again so called AI is nothing more than modern computers computing as they always have but (slightly) faster using (slightly) improved mathematical and statistical techniques. At base, they are still just programs written by humans using code input into a computer plugged into a wall somewhere. And yet here we sit today with talented writer’s like Mr. McMullan writing four part epic stories, religions being founded, billions of dollars changing hands, and fear and anxiety rising, all because of a thing which does not even exist. I would say never has such a thing happened in human history, but then I thought, oh yeah, of course it has. AI may not exist but man’s propensity to repeat the same mistakes over and over and over is alive and well.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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