Yakov Smirnoff Announces He is Moving to Australia

Ukrainian born American comedian Yakov Smirnoff who made a career out of lambasting communist Russia has announced he will be moving to Australia after more than 50 years of living in the United States. He is globally recognized as one of the pioneers of the so called “Russian reversal”, a type of joke, usually starting with the words “In Soviet Russia”, in which the absurdity of something in communist Russia is highlighted by reversing the subject and object of a statement. “In America you <do something> to/with X, in Soviet Russia X <does something> to/with you.” In addition to his contempt for the Soviet regime Mr. Smirnoff was well known for his love of America and all things American. That love began to wane in recent years with the election of Donald Trump as President, culminating in his decision to leave the United States for Australia. At a hastily called press conference in which he announced his decision Mr. Smirnoff said “In Australia they throw another shrimp on the barbie, in America barbie throws shrimp on you.” and “In Australia they say have a go, you mug, in Russia they mug you and go.” When the gathered onlookers responded with silence and puzzled gazes Mr. Smirnoff stormed off the stage muttering “These jokes don’t write themselves you know. Fuckin douchebags.”

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