Yes, there is a Gay Themed Buttchuggers Story. But it’s Not What you Think. Or is it?

“Hey Bruce. Wanna go to ButtChuggers for dinner and drinks again tonight? I can’t go back there Gary not after what happened the last time. I never heard. Do tell.”

It was just like any other Tuesday. All the gay bars closed early to clean the semen from the bathroom stalls so Rick and I decided to head to ButtChuggers for a nite cap.

Everything was normal. The butt funnel was inserted and I was ready to get my chug on. Suddenly, my anal pore just unclenched and out popped the funnel. A few people pointed and laughed. I was horrified.

Damn Steve. That is brutal. I told you to stop taking giant dick in the butt every night, seven days a week, it was bound to happen eventually. I know Bruce but honestly I thought this only happened to women whores who constantly fucked men with enormous dicks. You know like that one girl and our friend Dan DeMarco you mean. Shit yeah. That dude is huge. Too bad he’s only into chicks. Sucks. Anyway listen Steve don’t worry I heard about a new product ButtChuggers recently added to all its stores to help men and women like yourself

Like myself? Yeah, you know people who just can’t get enough enormous dick in the butt or vag. Eventually you are gonna lose some elasticity down there. They call it the ButtChugger ButtHugger® an elastic band that can be wrapped around the butt following funnel insertion. Like the name implies it hugs both cheeks tight. Pulling the crack together in a vice like grip. No chance that butt funnel gonna fall out now.

No matter how worn out your anal pore may be from years of grinding anal sex with giant dicked men you can always count on the ButtHugger to keep you in the game at ButtChuggers.

Written by

Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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