You cannot match the payoff of adopting something that doesn’t exist. The potential is huge because the actual is 0. You can only go up from there. Stay informed, choose a strong platform. Look I know its complicated. These days there are AIs on every street corner, in every home. I cant walk two feet without some damn AI hitting me up for 50 bucks and then wanting to try and school me on the philosophy of Wittgenstein. Me, the mother fucking Wittgenstein expert. And you know what? they do it, every fucking time. You know why? because they are so mother fucking smart. These God damned AIs know everything. How can I, a lowly human ever hope to keep up?

Anyways here are some tips for selecting the best AI software package:

  1. Identify one that exists
  2. Buy it
  3. Wait 500–1000 years
  4. Repeat 1 and 2

The Zinmeister is a fuckin zen master.

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