You certainly have a more optimistic outlook then I do on the situation. Or maybe your percentages are different but I gotta be running 90%+ bot follows at the moment. They seem to be getting more sophisticated too. Less totally outrageous names and more actual pictures in their profile but they clearly are not real. You hit 10k plus followers the other day bro. Dude there are not 10k paying customers on the site. In my head I always figured the average traffic total here was 10k on a good day. I thought I was being very generous with that. There is a reason these types of sites don’t publish their traffic numbers because they are freaking tiny. Like nano, like nanodegree nano. That is why they cannot attract any ad dollars and thus must charge their user base. I got no problem with that because fuck advertising. But all of a sudden I am getting 3o followers every few hours. Come on man you know me, at least a little. People do not like to read the things that I write. It is a truism. It different for you, I can see how you might think this is a legit. It should be. You got mad skills and are capable of writing things people want to read. But this shit is not real. I blame the Russians. Mother fuckin commies. Worse than commies now, crooked capitalists. God damn mobsters. I suppose you could pick a worse use for your bots then temporarily boosting the egos of struggling writers.

Actually that is an interesting question. Its really the big question isn’t it. Why bother? What can you gain with this strategy. I’ve only see 3 out of 300+ bot follows I’ve picked up in the past two days that were outright obvious money scams. Two escort services and one “video game” thing. The remainder were just fake people. Some with funny or weird obviously fake names and no profile pic and some with legit sounding names and real looking pic. They all have three things in common though. The just joined Medium in June are not active on medium yet and are following 100+ people already with <3 followers themselves. Fake as fuck.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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