You had me worried for a minute there world economic forum. I saw ‘support the middle class’ and ‘reduce income inequality’ and thought maybe the liberals had gotten to you. Once I got to the part about the magic of tax cuts and how they solve every economic and social problem known to man I knew you had only included those as classic leftie head fakes. Nice job not talking at all about who specifically should get the miracle growth creating magic juice shots (aka tax cuts). Obviously they should go to the wealth creators, bankers, financial industry insiders, top economists, CEOs, etc. Basically all the people who make up the membership of the world economic forum. Of course we will want to reduce or eliminate that pesky corporate tax as well. I’ll never understand how anyone could think that asking a company to pay its fair share to contribute to the common good of the people in exchange for the right to operate and turn a profit for itself and its investors could possibly be fair. I mean what the fuck did the people ever do for the corporations. Nothing that’s what, except tax and regulate the fuck out of ‘em. Way to go people, you have hurt poor little corporations feelings, he is going to cry now, are you proud of yourselves, assholes.

You gotta be more careful though world economic forum. Eventually, somebody is going to call you out for lumping high productivity and technology businesses in the same category, and saying both are deserving of more investment. Of course we know that clicks, likes, page reads, and unique visitors are worth billions, what the heck let’s call it trillions, to the global economy, but Joe Sic-pack down at the mill just doesn’t understand how that could be possible. He actually makes things that people use, sometimes to make other things. He had to drop out in the 8th grade to take the job at the mill because his mom was dying of cancer and his dad was a raging alcoholic. Poos sap didn’t even have a housekeeper or gardener he could turn to when he needed money to help pay for his mom’s treatments (no health insurance of course) and little sister’s schooling. She had to go to private school because they closed the public school on account of lack of public money to support it. Turns out the folks in middle-o-nowhereville, USA don’t like paying taxes as much as our friendly corporations. However, in contrast to corporations the people it that shit burg don’t contribute dime one to the global economy. Remind me again why we let the pleebs vote.

Anyways because Joe Six Pack dropped out of school so early he doesn’t understand how the global economy works. It’s OK Joe, no need to worry, your good buddies at the world economic form will take care of everything. They know exactly what they are doing. It’s all about tax cuts Joe, tax cuts will fix everything. Mother fuckin tax cuts, bitch.

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Research scientist (Ph.D. micro/mol biology), Thought middle manager, Everyday junglist, Selecta (Ret.), Boulderer, Cat lover, Fish hater

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