You should be more worried about the people who think they realize what is happening, write articles spouting off about it, but actually have no idea. These people typically pepper their presentations and writings with terms like like “machine learning” and “artificial intelligence” but have zero understanding what these words and terms actually mean or don’t mean, and even less understanding of what the current reality of the situation is with respect to their existence and actual capabilities. Artificial intelligence, as most people (not tech savvy, not computer literate, little or no technical training: aka the vast, vast, vast majority of people) understand the term, does not exist and may never. Machine learning is a logical contradiction and logically impossible. If a machine could learn it would no longer be a machine. These are not words/concepts/things that can be tossed around carelessly. They require a high level of caveats and framing to be used correctly. Using them as click bait or hype generators serves no purpose other than to create even more fear in a populace already per-disposed to fear. Will some people lose their jobs as technology continues to evolve? Yes, of course they will. Jobs change and evolve with time just as people do. That said, people will also lose their jobs as people’s taste in music, or in clothes, or food and drink change. Change begets change. I can appreciate the urge to be the oracle of the future and warn the ignorant public of their impending obsolescence at the hands of “higher value” activities, but higher value activities have always been favored in employment and always will be. This is no change at all, certainly not a “new world of high value activities.” In any event no one can lose their job to a thing which does not exist and it is a major disservice to all people to continue to imply that they can or will.

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